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So yeah, that happened.

I like fighting scenes, but, well I can't really describe it. I didn't really liked it that much, but it was nice.

Maybe if the others(all 5) countered her more, and the battle would be more severe, and maybe that pinkie would have suffered more injury, and THEN blow up the planet, seeing that the others would be to weak to fight her any more, also if the princesses would have sensed her intent, and made a glorious space battle, where Luna would die on the moon, and Celestia was shot to the sun, I don't know, not feeling it but it was nice.

Animation was great though, and the concept is okay, but maybe a scene where she snaps first, would have explained the reason, which you could start out slow, then as fast as it went.

But then again, that's MY opinion of it.

MisterDavey responds:

Originally there was a lot more action in this, but I had to cut it out since the song wasn't long enough. Aside from Twilight, they all had fighting parts that got removed to make room for the end Fluttershy-vs-Pinkie.
;D ;D

I liked it, every CSI-ish-thingy-but-not-really in a nutshell.

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You could have atleast tried to make a good game:
-Getting cigarettes shouldn't hurt you
-Retarded patterns weasels shouldn't kill you off
-Wtf cigarettes to children, what were you thinking, but being edgy


Next game make sure you can finish it, as if you didn't make it; show some empathy.

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Nah but seriously though, looks nice, I like the scratch texture style for the background and the lighting.

Don't blast your arm off about it(And then can into space to hitTestObject(SpaceLazorslel83):void)), people have done stupider shit being sober.

Like me, typing shit that only makes sense if ya know what I'm talking about.

Last, you already drew something nice, the best thing ya can do is to make more things that are different to the next.

daigonite responds:

good god I think I was more sober than you when I drew this lol

Wow that is a simple picture that is hard to look at, I don't know what to focus on.

The cat looks like he starts realising something shattering midst a happy outburst, the bottles look like chocolate husks with chocolate milk in them, yet have no identifiable brand on them selves, and the octopus's kind of a stereotypical signification of summer and oceans in advertisements. Why is he in a boat filled with water that somehow separated itself like blood does in a test-tube?( blood cells and plasma, where the heavy plasma sinks to the bottom).Why is there a tentacle arm pointing almost to the viilenny frezzalla sign/boat? What's the point if it's more than obvious what this poster is about?

The background doesn't match the characters by much, but it does look nice. And why would somebody want to drink chocolate milk during a hot day?Also the boat doesn't look like it's actually in the water. And why is there a random beachball and umbrella(wtf) in the water?

You know what, I just realised that maybe the cat is looking at the bottle realising that it's empty, and he's coming down from the joy he got from it, which made me laugh.

I also just read that it's like an ice coffee, would be better if it look more like coffee cause it really does look like chocolate milk, and they should have gotten labels, or like when the letters are bulging out of the husk. I'll like it for you on the site. But I can't give you a 5 outa 5. Keep it up! and Good Luck!!!

Catoblepas responds:

Hahahaha yeah He's happy to have endured the whole bottle. :D The drink is this cold coffee chocolate kind of beverage. Or without the chocolate, I'm not sure.

Gotta love that golfinho art style.


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